Information related to Covid-19

Information to customers, suppliers and stake holders to Nordic Flanges Group AB, regarding Covid-19

The consequences due to Covid 19 virus affects companies, people and the society at large. Our highest priority is the health and safety for our employees, families, customers, suppliers and partners. Nordic Flanges monitors the development closely and acts in accordance with the authorities’ recommendations. We have also taken proactive measures to protect our fellow citizens, environment and to safeguard the company’s operations..

Our delivery performance, capacity and service level is on top

  • ?  Our production runs at full capacity and without any disturbances.
  • ?  The sales department and other functions of the company are fully manned.
  • ?  Our stock of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are high.
  • ?  We have the flexibility and ability to handle urgent needs and express deliveries.
  • ?  We have the resources to rapidly scale up production if unexpected needs araises.

Our actions and measures to ensure continued operations

  • ?  We have daily follow up of our operations in order to act on any kind of bottleneck.
  • ?  We have daily contact with our main suppliers in order to prevent any delays or problems.
  • ?  We have regular contact with Transport companies to forsee any upcoming problems.
  • ?  We have continous contact with Logistics companies to monitor local situation in different countries and regions.

Pro-active work and transparency

  • ? At the slightest suspicion of problems that may arise, we will proactively contact each one to find solutions that prevent actual problems.

Current and known limitations in our markets

We work intensively to ensure that our deliveries arrive on time, no matter where in the world our customers are. We continuously monitor the situation in the local markets to find the best solution under the prevailing circumstances and where after they change. Our experience is that we can still deliver relatively undisturbed within Europe, North and South America as well as Asia and the Middle East. The biggest challenge right now is mainly Italy and France, which severely limited the import of goods and stopped large parts of the industry.

Development, changes and updates

With the rapid change happening around the world it is very difficult to predict the consequences that may can occur. Conditions may change from day to day. We will do our utmost to keep ourselves informed and communicate our knowledge and insights to all our stakeholders. Our aim is to be safe and stable partner even in these difficult times.

Nordic Flanges Group AB 2020-03-27

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