Nordic Flanges Group grundar Nordic Flanges Inc. i Chicago, USA

2023-02-14T09:30:27+00:00februari 14th, 2023|Ferral Components Oy, Kruunupyy, Nordic Flanges AB, Nordic Flanges Group AB, Nordic Flanges Oy, Okategoriserad, Själevad, Tuotanto, Tuotteet|

I takt med att Nordic Flanges export till USA ökar kraftigt så har koncernen beslutat att öppna ett säljkontor och lager i USA. Nordic Flanges Inc. kommer att vara verksamt med ett säljkontor i Chicago samt lager i f.n. minst tre delstater i USA. Nordic Flanges Inc. huvudsakliga uppgift blir att marknadsföra och sälja hela [...]

New Forging Furnace in Själevad

2018-08-15T10:03:14+00:00augusti 15th, 2018|Okategoriserad|

Our brand-new forging furnace is currently being installed in Örnsköldsvik. The new furnace will improve capacity and reduce production stand-stills while greatly reducing gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. We keep a very tight and ambitious pace for this furnace replacement and it’s measured down to a strictly followed daily schedule in order to reduce [...]

Nordic Flanges Group Newsletter 2018-06-01

2018-06-01T14:09:28+00:00juni 1st, 2018|Okategoriserad|

Dear customers, It has been a really busy spring at NORDIC FLANGES. My first 6 months as CEO of the Nordic Flanges Group have been some of the most interesting and challenging months of my career and I really enjoy being a part of this Group! During this short period, we have hired a new [...]

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